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Starlink "On the Go" Case


The “On The Go" Starlink Case is specifically designed for the user that wants to operate their system in multiple different locations. Each case includes a removable platform with straps for your router, cords, inverter, and a grip handle. This allows the user to easily grab everything needed to operate the system quickly without causing damage to your cable ends by having to repeatedly connect and disconnect them. This case is also the smallest Starlink storage case currently on the market.   

STORAGE - Each case was designed with a separate storage space for the cord that can often become dirty. This divider reduces the chances of sand, dirt, and debris from damaging your dish and router. 

MOUNT - The “On the Go” case comes with (2) mounting options. The first mount is designed in to the top of the lid. This means you no longer need that big “X” shaped metal mount that came with your system. The mount is made of a CNC cut aluminum plate, injection molded PVC mount, and a rubber plug with stainless steel lanyard to keep moisture out of the case when it is stowed. The second mount is a universal clamp that is removable and designed to clamp on to a RV ladder, roof rack, or any flat or round surface 0”-2.1”. Works horizontally and vertically. (Included with case.)

Deploying your system. 

Option 1 - Remove the platform with the router and cord prewired. Place the platform inside your RV, vehicle, or home and attach the dish to the mount in the lid of the case. The dish cable can attach to the dish pole outside of the case.  

Option 2 - Leave all cords, router, and platform in the case prewired with the lid open. Remove the dish and Universal Mount. Clamp the dish in a location that allows for unobstructed movement of the dish. Plug power in to the 110AC port on the left side of the case. 

Option 3 - Remove the dish from the case. Run the dish cable up through the lid. Close lid and attach an extension cord to external 110AC port. Use remote temperature monitoring device to ensure system does not operate outside of manufacturer recommended 22F-122F. (Govee remote sensor available in accessories)

A 300 watt clean sine wave inverter can also be added to your order if you would like to operate your system from a vehicle using a 12V cigarette lighter port. The inverter straps to the back of the removable platform and can be prewired to power your router. 


On the Go Case includes -

(1) Case with lid mount, custom foam, divider, removable platform, mount plug, and retaining lanyard. 

(1) 110AC port for prewired power.

(1) Universal Mount for remote operation. 

External dimensions 24"x19"x9"

Weight - 14 lbs (Without Starlink system)


* Desert Tan Cases are expected to be back in stock mid to end of February


 *Savage UTV is not affiliated or endorsed by Starlink ™ or Pelican Cases. SavageUTV LLC is not responsible for any damages resulting from the the use or misuse of Starlink equipment, Govee thermo hygrometer, the clean sine wave inverter or other electrical components used in the "On the Go" case. Please operate all components of your system within the recommended manufacturer guidelines included with your purchase.    

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