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 While we know our products are solid, we made an effort to have these cases tested by
other people. Read what they had to say:


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Storing your UTV in an environment where it is exposed to dirt, dust, debris and moisture will shorten the life of the belt. Most UTV belts are made of a natural rubber compound that will absorb small particles from its environment into the pores of the compound. This negatively impacts the coefficient of friction resulting in an increase in heat and earlier failure of the belt. Storing your belt where it is exposed to UV rays or where the belt is in contact with other objects can create cracks or weak spots in the belt resulting in early failure as well.  

Check out KWT Filter's article on Maintenance Tips here, which stresses the importance of inspecting and taking care of your UTV's drive belt.  

 The Savage UTV belt case comes with all stainless steel hardware to be mounted to flat surfaces on your car. It also comes with all stainless steel hardware to be mounted to any roll cage size 1"-2". If you need to mount the case to a roll cage outside
of that range you need to simply purchase hose clamps for the appropriate size
of your needs and they will work with the mounting brackets included with
your Savage UTV case.

Torque spec for the 1/4-20 mounting bolts is 70 inch/pounds.

We have Assault Industries machined aluminum mounting kits available for
purchase.The mounts raise your case 1" above the roll cage tubing allowing
you to mount your case above an existing shock reservoir mounts or fire
extinguisher brackets.

To better understand the difference between our mounting kit included and upgrading to the Assault Brackets, be sure to watch this video

Savage Case Mounting Instructions 

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Savage UTV belt cases are designed to fit both naturally aspirated
and turbo UTV belts from most popular UTV manufacturers. The inner
dimensions of the case are 22" long by 3.2" wide and 3" tall. A detailed spec sheet is available upon request, feel free to email us for a copy.


Wildcat XX, Textron, Speed, and Kawasaki KRX belts fit in the Revolve case but not in original Savage case.


All Polaris and Can Am model belts fit in the original Savage UTV Case.  Click here for a list to figure out which belt is best for your UTV.

 Savage UTV reached out to engineers from both Polaris and Can-Am to make sure the belts were being positioned in a manner which would best preserve their integrity. Their explanation: The idle bearing on the primary clutch of most UTV's has an outer diameter of 1.75". This means that when the vehicle is at rest or idle, the belt is being bent around this bearing. Once throttle is increased, the inner diameter of the belt increases until the throttle is lowered and then the belt returns to its original position. The Savage UTV case was designed to make sure that your belt was stored in a clean, cool, closed, case with an inner dimension of the bend in the belt never going below the idle bearing dimension of 1.75". If you are still concerned about the bend in your belt while in storage, randomly adjust the position of the belt in the case and remove it from the case when being stored over extended periods of time. We have a more detailed explanation on our Savage UTV Youtube page.   

CLICK HERE to watch a great video we suggest watching on how to change your drive belt.


Pro 2 seat and 4 seat 2.0″

Turbo S 1.75″

XP1000 AND XP4 1000 1.75”

XP Turbo and XP4 Turbo 1.75”

RZR 900 2015 and up 1.75”

2014 and older RZR’s Perimeter 1.75”

2014 and older Polaris Ranger and RZR and RZR S and XP Rear Harness Bar and Rear Bumper crossbars 1.5” (4 seat versions have a 1.25” rear top crossbar as well)

General (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN clamps)1.75” top crossbar only (rearview mount)

Ranger (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN clamps)1.75” rear harness bar only

Ranger Crew (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN clamps) Use 9” Bolt On mirror for rearview

Polaris RZR 170 1.25″


YXZ 1000 1.75″ Perimeter Top crossbars 1.5”

Rhino Perimeter 1.75” Top Crossbars 1.5”

Rhino Steering column 1.5”

Viking and Viking 6 seater 2.0”

Wolverine Perimeter 2.0” Top Crossbars 1.5”


Kawasaki Teryx / Teryx 4 Perimeter 1.875” Top Crossbars 1.7”


Talon 2.0″

Pioneer 1000 1.75”

Pioneer 700 1.625”

Pioneer 500 1.625”

Big Red 1.625”


XX 1.75″

Wildcat / Wildcat 4 1.75″

Prowler (must have aftermarket cage installed)


Maverick X3 Perimeter 2 seat and 4 seat 1.85″

Maverick X3 Some top crossbars are 1.5″

Maverick X3 Rear harness bar 2.5″

Maverick Sport X XRC (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN)1.85” on all other round tubes on cage. 1.5″ on bumpers

Maverick Trail (Profile cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN)1.85” on all other round tubes on cage. 1.5″ on bumpers

Commander 2.0”


Please confirm on your own roll bar before purchasing as models change and vary. You can use the pipe-size ruler found HERE to print out a ruler to test


Information courtesy of RotoPax


 Yes!  All products made by Savage UTV come with a full manufacturer warranty for one year from the date of purchase.  This covers the replacement or repair of any manufacturing defect or missing parts.  This does not cover damage to the products, mis-use or wear and tear on items.  Any products damaged during shipping, please refer to our shipping policy for more information.  Any Starlink Cases that are outfitted from a Pelican Case, unfortuantely the modifications that are done void any warranties Pelican offers.  

Please contact us at with images of the damage and will assist in any way possible to try and make the products you purchase from us fully functioning.