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Remote Thermal and Moisture Sensor


The Govee Wifi sensor will measure its surrounding environments temperature and humidity within about .5F and +3% RH. This allows you to monitor your Starlink Satellite System remotely via Wifi to ensure the router or inverter are not being operated outside of Starlinks recommended temperatures of 22F-122F. This will also let you know if excessive moisture levels are present inside your case. 

You can set alert parameters to send you a text message once either the temperature or humidity are outside of the alert parameters set by you. Simply download the Govee app and enter a phone number and thermal/humidity boundaries to use this function. 

The Govee Thermo Hygrometer is designed to be used in temperatures between -6F and 144F. Please read the entire user manual before operating and do not use the system outside of manufacturer recommendations.

*SavageUTV is not responsible for system damage, injury, or death that may occur from the use or misuse of any of the electronic components of the Starlink system, Govee system, or the Savage Case. It is the system owners responsibility to monitor and operate all equipment within their respective manufacturer recommendations.  


Size 3" X 3"

Battery life - 1 year

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