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Starlink Storage Case


This is a Pelican 1600 storage case designed to store your Starlink satellite system. The 1600 case is the smallest Starlink storage case on the market but still fits the rectangular satellite dish, power cords, and router with some extra room for small accessories. Each case offers 360 degree protection to your system in high quality custom cut foam and stores the cord in a totally separate area from your dish and router. This reduces the chances of dirt or debris damaging your electronics. 

This case is not designed to fit the "X" shaped base that comes with the Starlink satellite. Instead, you have the option to add a lid mount to the case as well as the option to also add the Universal Mount Accessory separately at checkout. The Universal Mount will also fit inside the case. The lid mount is made of CNC cut aluminum and injection molded PVC. It allows the user to quickly mount the dish on the lid of the case. The Universal Mount allows you to clamp your dish to things like an RV ladder, roof rack, or flag pole etc…

No assembly is required. Foam and divider is already cut and installed.

Case has extra room for the water protection boot, universal mount, or inverter. *Pelican Cases are watertight not waterproof. A water protection boot can be added to increase moisture protection. (Recommended for cases being used in high moisture areas)



Dimensions: 9" Height, 25" Length, 20" Deep

Weight 22 lbs

Savage UTV is not affiliated or endorsed by Starlink or Pelican Cases. 

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